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Chicken Eggs - Dozen

Chicken Eggs - Dozen

One Dozen

*Eggs are set to allow back-ordering, meaning this item may be ordered but may not yet be produced. It may take several days for new egg orders to be filled, depending on order volume. We will notify you if we anticipate an extended delay of more than a few days for fulfillment. 

When you receive the "Your Order is Packed" email, your complete order is ready. We ask that egg orders be picked up within 5 days after receiving the "Your Order is Packed" email notification.*

General Information:

One dozen eggs from our free-ranging hens!  

Along with free-ranging for bugs and green forage in season, we supplement their diet with non-GMO feed from Bellflower Feed Mill. The eggs are washed and therefore must be refrigerated. 

These ladies live on our farm; we do not sell other farms' eggs.

Depending on the breed of chickens laying, eggs may be white, brown, or naturally tinted another color such as green, blue, or pink. Eggs will vary in size and shape.